Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Teacher's Day

When I went to class on Monday, as soon as the bell rang, my students said together "Happy Teacher's Day", and one of them came up and handed me a red carnation and a card!  I was so shocked!  I hadn't heard of this Chinese holiday.  :)  

Outside, the card says:

Congratulatons!  (No, that's not my typo--they have it spelled wrong!)
(It has a little diploma tied in a tiny ribbon, and three 3-D books, one saying "English", another "History", and the third lying open with a bookmark across it.  There are also a couple of 3-D glittery stars.)

Inside, the card says:

Dear Professor Karen P. Mosley,

Happy Teacher's Day!

Our beloved teacher, you are the spring shower that moistens our hearts.  The love and care you have given us will encourage us to go through a long and arduous journey.

You are not only a good teacher but our close friend.  Thank you for helping us make something of our lives!

My heartfelt thanks to you, dear teacher.  On the voyage of life, you have kindled the light of hope for us.  What you have done enriches our minds and broadens our views.  On this day we honour you sincerely.

We are more thankful than we can express!

Hearty wishes on Teacher's Day!

Students of HND   2012-9-10

I've only been with these students once before, but they have already accepted and appreciated my efforts.  Wow.  I remember why I decided to be a teacher 35 years ago.  



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  1. Someone appreciates you! No better paycheck than that!!