Monday, November 26, 2012

Thanksgiving in Chengdu

Thanksgiving is not celebrated in China.  Here's what I did on Thanksgiving Day.

Room #314, No. 2 Teaching Building, UESTC
Just a few of my 300 total students.

My largest class has 65 students.

On Thanksgiving Day, I taught a power point lesson about the history of Thanksgiving and the customs of celebration.  It made my mouth water to show the delicious stuffed turkey, and especially the pecan pies.  The only foods the Chinese could recognize were corn and sweet potatoes/yams, and they know potatoes, but they don't eat them mashed.  And never with gravy.  Do you realize how much we eat in America that has white flour involved?  They don't know what this is!!

Between classes at mid-day, Kirk and I were able to keep one Thanksgiving tradition.  We went to the movies!

This is a GREAT movie!!!  I loved the book, and the movie is true to the wonderful book.  It was in 3D and we also enjoyed a bucket of the caramel corn popcorn that is sold here in China.  The movie was in English with Chinese subtitles.

We then went to the second campus across town and taught our evening classes until 9:00p.m.  Not exactly the typical Thanksgiving Day.  No parade!   :(

Fortunately, our Chengdu 2nd Branch had a Thanksgiving pot luck dinner after Church last Sunday I went over to Pres. Weaver's home on Friday and made a pumpkin pie.  I wanted to make pecan, but the nuts are scarce here in China, and I'd have to spend $30 for the nuts.  Plus, I couldn't get corn syrup!  But our meal was complete since the ward members have nicer kitchens and access to all the correct ingredients.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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