Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sunshine in Chengdu

What do Chinese students do when the sun comes out?  They hide from it!  Kirk asked a student to play tennis with him one beautiful, sunshiny day and she said, "No.  The sun is shining.  I don't want to turn dark."  NOW you KNOW that China is on the opposite side of the world from America, because Americans spend money on tanning salons to make their skin darker.  Apparently, the Chinese think it makes them look like peasant farmers when their skin is darker, so they don't want any color.  As a matter of fact, I had a hard time finding a face cream that didn't have bleach/whitener in it!  Seriously!  So on those rare days when the sun comes out in Chengdu, so do the umbrellas.

These umbrellas are the cutest things--they are covered with bling, including sequins, lace and other frills.  They are UV Protective and come in all colors.  I bought one for Shanna, my daughter-in-law who lives in Tucson and spends hours out in the sun watching T-ball games and swim meets.  America should pick up on this fashion item.  They are really cute.

But the cutest thing is when the girls ride on the back of their boyfriend's bike with their umbrella open.  It looks like something from a romantic movie.  Fun!
Bicycle Friends 

It wasn't sunny this day, but friends of ours loaned us their electric scooter to go for a ride.  So we got to be in our own romantic movie!

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