Monday, October 29, 2012

Chinese Halloween

The Chinese don't celebrate Halloween, but many of them have lived abroad or heard of the holiday.  I taught a lesson which included all the fun aspects of Halloween, as well as the scariness and the decorations.  The students were quite interested.  They especially loved when I played Halloween Bingo with them.  When the student with a bingo would shyly say "Bingo" (a game the Chinese don't play), I would encourage them to shout it out!  When they did, I would hand them a Dove chocolate bar, and the rest of the class roared in jealousy.  Then I knocked on the door and made them all say "Trick or Treat?" and I brought out a bowl of candy to give them.  Then they roared and applauded!  It was lots of fun to teach, and good listening practice for the students as I called out the Halloween words I used for the bingo game.  I even had a music video of the Monster Mash that a former BYU Teacher had made.

One of the other English teachers in our building hosted a Halloween party and invited the children to come for pumpkin carving, pinatas, and trick-or-treating.  We joined in the fun and invited a family we had met who lived for a while in Minnesota.
Pinatas for Halloween--thanks Rob for making them all!


Xiaoping Ji, our little friend who lived in Minnesota

Happy Halloween wherever you are!

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  1. You are awesome! Lives are being changed I can tell.