Thursday, October 11, 2012

Tianfu Square by Night

Every city in China of any substantial size seems to have a central square with "ring roads" encircling it that extend farther and farther out from that square.  In Chengdu, this is Tianfu Square.  There are currently four ring roads that completely circle the square, each another mile or two outside the previous one, making the map look like a large target.  After enjoying our International Buffet dinner, we walked around Tianfu Square at night.
Besides a pagoda, you can't go to China without seeing Chairman Mao.
The square has beautiful fountains that "perform" along with music, and many people are out enjoying the evening show, taking pictures, eating snacks, or gearing up for the coming holidays.
All the trees around town have lights in them; some that "move" and look like dripping water.

The high-rise buildings are lit up with colorful LED lights; some of them "move".

The Eiffel Tower is on top of this building!

The International Buffet is in this building.
It was a beautiful evening, with a big moon and it was nice to enjoy the "night sights" of Chengdu.

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