Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Three Gorges Dam

We sailed halfway through the third large gorge on the Yangtze, the Xiling Gorge, during the night and docked at Mao Ping.  It was a 45-minute bus ride through town, over the bridge and up to the site of the Three Gorges Dam.

See the temple on the highest peak.

The tour guide on the boat said she has NEVER seen this temple on the hill, the Huangling Temple, because it's nearly always too cloudy.  We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day!

The Three Gorges Dam is the largest hydroelectric power project in the world.  It's 2335 meters long and 185 meters high.  It cost about $28 billion to build, beginning in 1994.  The only part left to finish is the "elevator" which will lift ships over the dam.  There will be a cost for using the elevator, but it will be much faster than the lock system currently in use which is free of cost.


Locks at the Three Gorges Dam

This is a photo of the aerial view of the locks.

Sculpture Fountain in the viewing area

Note the spelling on the sign--that's why I couldn't understand it.  :)

We drove through town back to the ship for a farewell lunch then drove down along the lower part of the Xiling Gorge to our airport.
Opening Ceremony for a new project--flowers, banners and red carpet!
 This building was quite Western looking.

Our "elevator" taking us down to the ship--what beautiful views! 

Dockside Elevator 
Could this be another "Rose Pose"?
 The drive along the river was, again, gorgeous!

A ship-building yard.

A lovely cruise, great friends, beautiful weather and amazing scenery!  Now head back to Chengdu and "sprint to the finish".

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