Sunday, May 26, 2013

Xitang Ancient Water Town

Some sights along the way just have to be recorded.  This bus driver is having a rest.  Where to recline?  In the luggage compartment, of course!

This little guy needs to go potty, so Mom holds him up to the nearest telephone pole.  Saves a lot of money on Pampers.

Pigs on their way to market.  Wouldn't PETA have a fit? 

A blurry photo from a bus, but here's a duck farm!
And I burst out laughing at this restaurant when they served the rice in a Pyrex pie plate like the ones I have.  Now pie is one thing we've never been served by the Chinese.  I really wonder why they have this pie plate and where they got it--in a restaurant even!  It was the only one I've seen here, and it made me dream of a delicious, fresh apple pie with pecans served hot with a scoop of vanilla........ahhhh.........

Between Hangzhou and Suzhou is the ancient town of Xitang (say "she-tong").  The series of canals through town and the old buildings along the banks make a scenic destination.  

Love this old boat!

We were here on a Chinese National Holiday (May 1 is like our Labor Day), so the narrow, tiny streets were PACKED with tourists.  We had to shove our way through, and couldn't really look in all the interesting shops because we had to keep up with the tour guide. I wouldn't want to get lost!

Anyone care for a snack?

Here is the garbage barge.  Glad they don't throw it in the canals!

We got on one of the canal boats, rowed by a single oarsman, for a trip down the main canal.  This town was featured in Mission Impossible III, so we need to rent that and watch it again!
Loved all the relaxing dining spots along the water.

Boat Ride in Xitang

Crabs ready to boil.


The tiny, narrow streets are symbolic of this ancient town.  

Loved the pig dumplings!

Dehydrating vegetables.

Even with the big crowds, this beautiful town had such charm.  I love imagining ancient life, and people's daily lives.  

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