Monday, December 3, 2012

Early Morning Seminary in China

Kirk volunteered to substitute for the early-morning seminary teacher.  This was his classroom.

It's the office room of our apartment where we keep the phone.  The black gadget on the love seat is a speaker-phone system used for the Conference call that is how seminary is taught all over China.  He had 12 students from Chengdu, Shanghai, Xi'an, Beijing and other cities.  Each student calls in to the Conference call, and they can each hear Kirk and the other students.  Once in a while, someone will fall asleep, but unless they're snoring, no one else knows!  It's quite a unique situation, but amazing when you think of it.  The gospel being taught all across the nation.  

(Oh yeah.  And those ARE Kirk's pajamas.  Cozy, fleece Chinese pjs with little bears around the bottom.  I have a robe to match!)  


  1. You are so cute Poppy! Daniel loves your bear pjs and has some of his own.

  2. Love reading about your adventures. Kirk reminds me of a little kid opening a Christmas present. There's always such child-like joy in his eyes! I do read every post, even though I might not comment. Miss you too much!