Monday, December 10, 2012

My Name in Lights

It's not exactly Broadway, but I do have my own 'sandwich board poster' announcing my lecture for the English Corner--open to all the students on campus.  There are two campuses for UESTC, so I gave the lecture on both of them. 

My lecture was on Manners & Etiquette in America, so all those Etiquette dinners I gave for Young Men/Young Women really paid off!  I was sure to tell them that we don't spit on the floor in our classrooms in America, and we line up to get on the bus instead of shoving everyone ahead of us.  Unknown concepts in China!
Kirk also gave a lecture on the "Million Dollar Smile" where he taught them oral hygiene and flossing techniques.  I went along and we divided into groups to speak English together.  In my group of about 20, NONE of them had ever had their teeth cleaned by a dentist.  One boy sincerely told me that flossing was not good for your teeth because "your teeth are like trees, linked together by the roots, and you will break the roots and your teeth may fall out"!  So sad the myths that are perpetuated.  We told them about the "tooth fairy", but in China, the children throw their tooth up on the roof of the house when it falls out!

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