Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kuan-Zhai Alley (aka China Lane)

Kuanzhai Xiangzi is one of the three key architectural preservation areas in Chengdu. It consists of Kuan Lane (Wide Lane), Zhai Lane (Narrow Lane) and Jing Lane, three parallel traditional streets and Siheyuan (courtyard houses). Some of the buildings were here from the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911) till now.  A student, Hiram, escorted the Masons and us through this beautiful area.
Modern Restaurant with ancient design--just outside 'China Lane'

Beautiful double doorways opening into private courtyards.

Most of the courtyard homes are now tea houses.

It's not just Chinatown junk--they really use these lanterns here!

We don't know these people, and will never see them again, but they wanted a photo with the Americans!  This is a daily occurrence here--we are really a unique site for most people.  I don't mind obliging them, and I like their pictures, too!

There were some over-priced gift shops, but Don is holding up my favorite item.

I wish everyone in America would wear one of these shirts and wake up to what's happening in our country!!!!!!!  I experienced Obamacare when I had to go to the hospital here for an eye problem---huge, long lines, overworked doctors, impatient patients....a nightmare!  Anyway, back to Kuan-Zhai Lane...

The sculpture on the right is carved from a tree trunk.

The dragons out front ward off the evil spirits--as does the threshold, which you must step over to get inside.

There is a Starbucks here.  I confess, we went inside and enjoyed a peppermint hot chocolate with a panini sandwich.  Sometimes, you just gotta have that 'taste of home'.

I admit I have been pleasantly surprised at the beauty in art, architecture, landscaping and furniture here in China.  Every day I see another place that I admire and enjoy, like Kuan-Zhai Alley.

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